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Your website is the focal point of a digital strategy and where conversion should be encouraged. I create corporate websites, blogs, online stores and portfolios.

Online Shops with WordPress

The advantage of designing an online store with WordPress is that you can also enjoy all the virtues that WordPress offers in terms of design, plugins and management.


If you already have a website but you don’t have traffic, something is wrong. Website optimization is the only way to increase your visibility and generate more sales.

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Welcome to Álvaro Peña’s website. I will help you in all your projects related to Digital Marketing.
I am a WordPress Web Designer passionate about:
SEO, Community Management, Content Marketing and Social media.

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    These are the Online Marketing services that I can offer you. Full projects development starting from the web design, to the monitoring phase and reports.

    Digital Marketing Projects Development

    Quality Design

    Web Design Dubai

    As a web designer in WordPress I will help you creating your business or personal brand website. With a good design and without neglecting the user experience and usability.

    Increase your visibility


    Audits, consultancies and  SEO optimization, passing through the competition analysis to determine the necessary actions to advance them.

    Connecting brands and ideas

    Digital Marketing

    We always check on the Internet before making any decision, so you need an online strategy to reach your customers and boost your brand’s growth.

    We Can Make Amazing
    Things Every Day.
    Web Designer and Digital Marketing Professor in Digital Marketing Master Degree in Spain

    In the digital world, Online Marketing helps you stand out, to attract new customers and achieve your main goal, to sell. I am a Web Design professor at School of Communication and Digital Marketing in Spain. And my specialty is to be a WordPress designer.

    Álvaro PeñaWeb Designer in Dubai and Digital Marketing Consultant
    Digital Marketing services description

    Web Designer in Dubai | Online Marketing Services

    Responsive Web

    I will help you to create a new Web Design with WordPress that communicates everything that your business encompasses.


    You can update and manage all your orders and products, and manage statistics, invoices, and other aspects of online sales.


    It is a waste of time to maintain a website if no one can find it. Having a «Google friendly» web design is basic.


    Providing users with value content as currency of exchange is the best way to get leads. I can help you to create a Lead Magnets strategy for your business that works through your website.


    I can help you creating email marketing campaigns aimed at your potential customers by offering content tailored to them.

    Digital MarketingConsulting

    Strategies for each project. Focused on the target audience, in all areas of Digital Marketing – Web Design, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media and Web Analytics.
    Stunning Design.

    Start with your Web Design in Dubai. WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System worldwide


    Dedicated to Digital Marketing,
    And Web Design with WordPress in Dubai.

    If you have a good product or service to offer to your customers, but your visibility is very low, it’s time to take advantage of what you do, and differentiate yourself from the competition to succeed.


    Web Design


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    My name is Álvaro Peña | I’m a Web Designer in Dubai

     Lasting relationships

    I am learning more useful tools in an hour of class with Álvaro Peña than in four years of career,

    Cristina AlberoJournalist

    Last day of the Web Design Course. There is no better end than a SEO class for WordPress with Álvaro Peña.

    Rocío RodríguezJournalist

    Great classes of Adobe Indesign with Alvaro Peña. Very well explained and very useful.

    María VidjrakouCommunity Manager - PR